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Following Months of Dramatic Debate in U.S. House, Healthcare Bill Could Meet Demise in Senate

November 13, 2009

60 Votes Needed To Advance Groundbreaking Redesign of Healthcare Industry, Leaving Little Room For Error

As U.S. House members assess the political gains and losses associated with their votes on the multi-trillion dollar H.R. 3962 (the ironically named Affordable Healthcare for America Act), the U.S. Senate prepares to debate similar legislation in what Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) promises to be a much quicker battle. Initial voting could take place as early as Tuesday of next week. Activists on both sides, not having the official “Blue Dog” designation to guide them, have been working feverishly to identify the few perceived fence sitters that might be swayed by grassroots pressure. With successes swaying “Blue Dog” Congressmen throughout the south and elsewhere, the attention of Tea Party groups has turned to centrist, southern Democrats like Kay Hagan (D-NC). While Senator Hagan is not up for re-election until 2014, her vote on this piece of legislation will likely be a key factor in her re-election bid. Judging by the votes ultimately taken by North Carolina’s house delegation, including the last minute decision by Rep. Heath Shuler (D-NC) to oppose the bill, it has been made clear that a plurality of the people who will decide Hagan’s political fate do not support the type of reforms currently on the table.

Vince Kreul, a representative of Huntsville Tea Party, feels the tide is turning in favor of conservatives that want to see a more common sense approach to healthcare reform. “While the arm twisting of house leadership and the Whitehouse was enough to get 2 cushion votes on Saturday, the deep rift in the Democrat party was pushed into the spotlight. In the senate, Democrats don’t have 39 irrelevant votes to sacrifice in conservative districts. They must win every member of their party or the bill will never see the light of the senate floor. What this means is they will be asking red state Democrat senators to fall on their swords for an unpopular piece of legislation. While the leadership might be okay with that, those individual senators will be much more difficult to convince. Senators like Kay Hagan will likely be faced with choosing between re-election or voting for this healthcare plan.”

“Middle America has been a sleeping giant for years. The daily use of words like ‘deficit’ and ‘trillion’ have created a stir that doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Elected officials in both parties need to take heed, as an energized grassroots force with no centralized loyalties stands ready to hold them accountable. Heroes and villains will be made on the senate floor with this healthcare debate, and we pray that unlike Saturday’s vote, the heroes will rule the day and stop this unfunded, tax filled, life restricting mandate,” said Kreul.


Obama calls for “informants” to report anyone that is subversive to the healthcare takeover…

August 4, 2009

In a blog post, the Obama Whitehouse calls for supporters to email information to them about anyone that is saying negative things about the healthcare takeover. This Gestapo like tactic pits citizens against citizens in an effort to shut out the growing opposition to the healthcare takeover. This should raise hairs on the back of any liberty-minded American and generate screams of opposition.

Using tax-dollars and union thugs to stump for a bad piece of legislation is bad, but calling on Americans to report their fellow citizens for opposing said legislation exceeds the bounds of anything most of us could even fathom happening in our “free country.”

Please join with us in rising up against this usurpation of all things American, call your legislators, call the Whitehouse (from a disposable phone), and let Obama know that this is NOT acceptable behavior, now matter how much his legacy might ride on accomplishing the takeover.

Bart Gordon votes to exclude abortion, then changes vote, calling is pro-life vote a “mistake.”

August 1, 2009

Pro-life group blasts Bart Gordon for vote to
allow tax-funded abortions in health care bill

Tennessee Democrat first voted for ban, then against

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A statewide family values group Friday blasted Rep. Bart Gordon, D-Tenn., for casting the deciding vote late Thursday to kill an amendment to the U.S. House of Representatives’ health care reform legislation that would have prohibited the use of tax dollars to pay for abortions.

Full text of amendment:

Ron Shank, Savannah, director of the Family Policy Network of Tennessee — — said Gordon “betrayed every Tennessean who believes prenatal children have an inalienable Right to Life, and he added insult to injury by casting the deciding vote to force us to pay for abortions, including horrific late-term abortions that brutally terminate those children’s lives.”

“We hope every pro-life Tennessean will join us in demanding that Congressman Gordon tell us which pro-abortion group or lobbyist threatened him, cut a deal, or promised him a campaign contribution sufficient to change his vote from opposing taxpayer-funded abortions to supporting them,” Shank said. “We hope every Tennessean will join us in urging Gordon to vote against Nancy Pelosi’s trillion-dollar socialized medicine, rationed healthcare, and abortion-funding scheme altogether.”

Shank pointed to official House Energy and Commerce Committee records available online, which indicate that Gordon was one of eight committee Democrats who earlier Thursday evening had joined all 23 committee Republicans in voting in favor of the pro-life amendment when it was initially approved by a vote of 31 to 27. (Roll call: )

Committee records indicate that two hours later, however, Chairman Henry Waxman, D-Ca., used a parliamentary maneuver to bring the pro-life amendment back up for reconsideration. This time, it failed by a vote of 30 to 29, with Gordon flip-flopping to cast the deciding vote against the amendment. (Roll call: )

The Associated Press reported late Thursday night regarding Gordon’s flip-flop:

“There was late-night drama in Waxman’s committee as an anti-abortion amendment passed when conservative Democrats joined Republicans to support it — then failed less than two hours later when Waxman used a procedural maneuver to bring it up for a second vote. In the intervening time, one conservative Democrat — Rep. Bart Gordon of Tennessee — changed his vote from ‘yes’ to ‘no.’ And a second conservative Democrat who hadn’t voted the first time — Rep. Zack Space of Ohio — voted ‘no.’ It was enough to take the amendment down on a vote of 29 to 30. The measure would have specified that health care legislation moving through Congress may not impose requirements for coverage of abortion, except in limited cases.”

Instant Tea Party, 12 pm July 17, Clinton Ave post office

July 16, 2009

There will be an “instant tea party” on July 17 across from the post office in downtown Huntsville. Bring letters to Parker Griffith, and signs protesting Obama-care. 70 of us (most allowed by the police), will be walking over to Parker Griffith’s office to hand deliver the letters. Please join us for part or all of this event as we try to stop Nancy Pelosi for the first time in this congressional session!

This bill is 1/5 of our GDP and will completely devastate the US economy and the quality of our health care system. Now is the time to say ENOUGH!!!

Nationalized Healthcare

May 13, 2009

Hi, Guys!
Hope you’re all well.  I just wanted to bring your attention to an issue that we all need to act on..
Nationalized health care is on its way, folks.  Obama campaigned on it, provisions for it made their way into his budget, and now today President Obama and House Democratic leaders have pledged to pass a bill by July 31st.
We have got to work hard to stop this bill, and start now.  Obviously, nationalized health care goes against everything the Tea Party Movement stands for: it is fiscally irresponsible, it will grow the government tremendously beyond its intended role and take away more states’ rights, it will take away the individual’s liberty to choose their own health care, and it will completely destroy the industry’s free market system which will in turn affect other aspects of the free market in our economy.
We can look around the world and history to see that nationalized health care does not work, but leads to a lack of quality and available options in health care as well as bankruptcy (something especially unwanted in a time when our country is already trillions of dollars in debt.)  As Americans we need to make our voices known loud and clear..  Please contact your representatives, put the pressure on (for them to not only vote against it but speak up and oppose it), and keep the pressure on for as long as it takes.  Amnesty was stopped a few years ago by Americans speaking up.  Let’s do it with nationalized health care.
There are a few Democrats that have voiced oppostition to nationalized health care, at least nationalized health care at this time.  Chuck Schumer (NY) has said, “Healthcare I feel strongly about, but I am not sure that we’re ready for a major national healthcare plan.”  And Kendrick Meek (FL) has said, “The money is not necessarily there right now to enact the plans.”  Please put pressure on these representatives to oppose nationalized health care.  If you know of any others who are wishy-washy, please let me know so we can put pressure on them, too.  I’m sure there are more.
Thank you and keep up the good work!  If you have anything similar you wish to share, ideas or news, please post them on our Tea Party Forums at  Let’s get working together and keep working together.
Also, a quick note about the Tea Party: we are currently working on setting up our tax status so we will be able to take donations to cover the cost of things such as the website, location permit, event liability insurance, marketing, etc.  Will keep you updated!  Visit the Contact Us tab on our website to volunteer.
Christie Carden
The Huntsville Tea Party Movement, Inc. (non-profit organization), Founder
Huntsville Independence Day Tea Party – Event Coordinator