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Following Months of Dramatic Debate in U.S. House, Healthcare Bill Could Meet Demise in Senate

November 13, 2009

60 Votes Needed To Advance Groundbreaking Redesign of Healthcare Industry, Leaving Little Room For Error

As U.S. House members assess the political gains and losses associated with their votes on the multi-trillion dollar H.R. 3962 (the ironically named Affordable Healthcare for America Act), the U.S. Senate prepares to debate similar legislation in what Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) promises to be a much quicker battle. Initial voting could take place as early as Tuesday of next week. Activists on both sides, not having the official “Blue Dog” designation to guide them, have been working feverishly to identify the few perceived fence sitters that might be swayed by grassroots pressure. With successes swaying “Blue Dog” Congressmen throughout the south and elsewhere, the attention of Tea Party groups has turned to centrist, southern Democrats like Kay Hagan (D-NC). While Senator Hagan is not up for re-election until 2014, her vote on this piece of legislation will likely be a key factor in her re-election bid. Judging by the votes ultimately taken by North Carolina’s house delegation, including the last minute decision by Rep. Heath Shuler (D-NC) to oppose the bill, it has been made clear that a plurality of the people who will decide Hagan’s political fate do not support the type of reforms currently on the table.

Vince Kreul, a representative of Huntsville Tea Party, feels the tide is turning in favor of conservatives that want to see a more common sense approach to healthcare reform. “While the arm twisting of house leadership and the Whitehouse was enough to get 2 cushion votes on Saturday, the deep rift in the Democrat party was pushed into the spotlight. In the senate, Democrats don’t have 39 irrelevant votes to sacrifice in conservative districts. They must win every member of their party or the bill will never see the light of the senate floor. What this means is they will be asking red state Democrat senators to fall on their swords for an unpopular piece of legislation. While the leadership might be okay with that, those individual senators will be much more difficult to convince. Senators like Kay Hagan will likely be faced with choosing between re-election or voting for this healthcare plan.”

“Middle America has been a sleeping giant for years. The daily use of words like ‘deficit’ and ‘trillion’ have created a stir that doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Elected officials in both parties need to take heed, as an energized grassroots force with no centralized loyalties stands ready to hold them accountable. Heroes and villains will be made on the senate floor with this healthcare debate, and we pray that unlike Saturday’s vote, the heroes will rule the day and stop this unfunded, tax filled, life restricting mandate,” said Kreul.