Obama calls for “informants” to report anyone that is subversive to the healthcare takeover…


In a Whitehouse.gov blog post, the Obama Whitehouse calls for supporters to email information to them about anyone that is saying negative things about the healthcare takeover. This Gestapo like tactic pits citizens against citizens in an effort to shut out the growing opposition to the healthcare takeover. This should raise hairs on the back of any liberty-minded American and generate screams of opposition.

Using tax-dollars and union thugs to stump for a bad piece of legislation is bad, but calling on Americans to report their fellow citizens for opposing said legislation exceeds the bounds of anything most of us could even fathom happening in our “free country.”

Please join with us in rising up against this usurpation of all things American, call your legislators, call the Whitehouse (from a disposable phone), and let Obama know that this is NOT acceptable behavior, now matter how much his legacy might ride on accomplishing the takeover.


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3 Responses to “Obama calls for “informants” to report anyone that is subversive to the healthcare takeover…”

  1. huntsvillerealestate Says:

    My letter:

    I know you people are caught up in your beltway-bubble, but step back for a minute, take the silver spoon out of your mouth, and think about how this looks from the outside.

    You are asking American citizens to turn in their fellow citizens for voicing opposition to a bill, based on the text of this bill. Obama’s rhetoric does not change the text of the bill, and the opposition to this takeover has been far more likely to actually quote the legislation, in full context.

    Free speech is fundamental to American liberty. Even if the opposition to this bill had no factual basis for their opposition, this totalitarian “informant” tactic is entirely un-American in every sense. I know that doesn’t matter to an administration where the end justifies the means, but it matters to the average American. The more light the text of this legislation sees, the more the opposition grows.

    You can put me on the list of subversive “anti-reform” conservatives, and I’ll wear the label proudly. Just remember, the WW2 and Cold War generations aren’t dead yet, and they remember these tactics as the tactics of the enemy.


  2. Robert Garding Says:

    All I can say is, he had better be ready to go after a lot of people, because even a bunch of the people who were staunch Obama supporters have turned against him. He better watch what he is doing. Great post by the way.

  3. Bradley Shaw Says:

    Obama you have gone way to far, & you wonder why peoply lable you as a socialist1
    do not scrap our current system their must be a way to imporve it instead of what you are proposing,
    I think it is funny that the old Community organizer himself is upset when people are organizing against you!

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