Important Legislation You Can Help Us Fight


RIGHT NOW, there are two enormous, and enormously dangerous, bills that are moving through our Congress! The Cap & Trade bill (HR 2454) is on its way to the Senate for final passage – a bill that would regulate the temperature of your home, raise your electricity bill ~90%, raise the cost of virtually everything you buy, cause thousands of job losses during our country’s recession, etc. And the House of Representatives is busy deciding which Nationalized Health Insurance bill (primarily the Kennedy bill) to vote on by the end of the summer! – a bill that would end competition and force private insurers out of business, put bureaucrats in charge of deciding your health care coverage, and lead to nationalized health care and its reliable traits of: long waiting periods, inaccessible treatments based on age/health/etc., lack of innovation for disease-curing drugs, and general low quality due to the lack of tax payer money to fund an endeavor that would take over almost 20% of our free market economy.

CALL CONGRESS NOW!  202-224-3121.  Contact your Senators and Congressman repeatedly, as often as it takes, and tell them to vote NO to these two bills. We must work as hard as we can to keep them from becoming law! They would both strip Americans of individual liberties like we have never seen before in America – and like we should never, ever see!”

Parker Griffith’s direct number is 202-225-4801


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