Huntsville Independence Day Tea Party


The Huntsville Independence Day Tea Party started at 7:00pm on Saturday, July 4th, and ended after the fireworks! An estimated crowd of 5,000 attended!! We had 7 speakers including myself, Roger Richardson (ran in primaries for State Senate in District 7), Mary Scott Hunter (ran in primaries for State Senate in District 7), Les Phillip (running for Congress in District 5 in 2010), Rachel Gray (19 year old concerned college student), Sergiy Braylyan (shared his experience of living under socialized medicine in Russia for many years), and Linda Lawrence (with, which focuses on holding the Huntsville Housing Authority accountable.) Mo Brooks (running for Congress in District 5 in 2010) was our event emcee. We also had a band play at the beginning, and had food vendors.

We’ve also had 2 special elections in North Alabama, and have elected two men who agree with our Tea Party goals (individual liberties, limited government, fiscal responsibility, and the free market system) and recognize that the Constitution is the law of the land: Paul Sanford (State Senate District 7) and Phil Williams (State House District 6!)

Now, We the People must stay politically active on all levels and continue work to restore our country to the Republic it was created to be.  We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we know what is at stake and we know our families and futures are worth it! We must make sure our elected officials hear from us often, and must hold them accountable with our vote. We must be sure to vote out the deficit spenders and  advocates of big government and socialism, and replace them with people that will adhere to the Constitution.


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