Health Care Tea Party Friday, July 17th


“This Friday, July 17th, is the “Nationwide Health Care Freedom Protest” where we will be meeting at congressional offices around the country to protest and keep the Nationalized Health Insurance bill and Cap & Trade bills from passing.  Right before this email, I sent out one that goes into detail about the health care bill and how we can fight it.  It includes lists of who to call in which committee as this bill moves forth – and it is moving forth towards passage now.  Please be sure to read that important email!

It’s time to act!!  If you stand for individual liberty and limited government, if the Tea Parties are truly more than just talk for you, meet us this Friday, July 17th, from 12:00pm – 1:00pm at the location of the Tax Day Tea Party (the vacant lot across the street from the Post Office on Clinton Ave.)  Bring SIGNS and LETTERS to Parker Griffith.  He voted against Cap & Trade when it passed the House and says he is against the Kennedy bill “as it is”, but has also said he believes health care is a right and that he is for comprehensive government reform of our health care industry.  Bring letters from your family, friends, and co-workers who can’t make it!  If you are unable stay for the full hour, simply drive into the parking lot, hand your letters to Jan Nolin (will have a name tag and be visible), and be on your way!  If you cannot attend, please phone/fax/email Parker Griffith.  We will be delivering the letters to Parker Griffith at 1:00pm – his local office is only a few blocks from this site.  We want LARGE numbers at this event, like always, but the Huntsville Police Department has required that, for safety reasons, only 70 walk together to Griffith’s office to deliver them.  Please come and stand with us from 12:00pm – 1:00pm!

Remember to park on Lot K (the back entrance will be open.)  Please remember to contact Senators Sessions and Shelby via phone/fax/email about these issues, as well.  All of our federal elected officials need to know what we want.

It’s time to keep the pressure on!! We will not go away, we are here to stay and restore our country to the great Republic it was intended to be.”


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