July 4th Tea Party at Jaycee Fairgrounds


Plans are in motion! We have received permission from the Jaycee to use the Fairgrounds, near Joe Davis Stadium, for our Independence Day Tea Party on July 4th! We are going to have barbecue (sold from a local vendor) from 7:00pm – 8:00pm, speakers again from 8:00pm – 9:00pm, and then you are all invited to stay and watch the Joe Davis fireworks afterward! The fireworks will start at the end of the baseball game, between 9 & 10. Feel free to bring lawn chairs out. We just ask that you do not bring any alcoholic beverages.

We want this to be a patriotic day of honoring our troops and celebrating the birth of our great nation, as well as protesting, again, the issues that are central to Tea Party patriots and that we feel are detrimental to our country’s future: too much government spending, too much government debt, too much government intrusion, etc. Mo Brooks will be MC’ing the event again, and so far we have three featured speakers lined up: Lester Phillip, Mary Scott Hunter, and Roger Richardson. Lester is a father of three, a former Navy pilot, runs his own catering service in Madison, and will be running for Congress for District 5 in 2010. Mary Scott Hunter is a mother of three, a former Air Force Major, and runs her own technology company. Roger Richardson has worked in economic development at several universities, is currently working for Alabama A&M University, and is an ordained Methodist minister.

Please join us on this special day when thousands around our country will rally together once again in a “Nationwide Tea Party” to bring about the true reform our country needs through the common sense principles that have proven to be effective: fiscal responsibility, limited government, individual freedoms, and the free market system. As we will be recognizing on our country’s Independence Day, many have fought and paid dearly to preserve the precious freedoms given to every American in our Constitution. We do not intend to lose this fight.

If you are looking for a way to get involved before the Tea Party and help us prepare and execute a spectacular event, please feel free to join one of the Tea Party Committees listed on the website here: Committees

The marketing committee will be working hard. We had approximately 3,000 people at our Tax Day Tea Party on April 15th. Let’s try to get 6,000 – 10,000 out to this event!! Please spread the word like crazy. Let’s try to get all of Huntsville to join us in the festivities on July 4th. As soon as we have them, I will let you know. They can be forwarded via email or printed out and distributed around our communities.

Our fight is not an easy one, and remember that the Tea Parties are a rallying call. The real work that will make our movement successful is getting involved and staying involved in politics on all levels of government. Here, in Alabama, there is a primary election coming up for State Representative seat in District 6 on 5/26/09, and there is an election coming up for State Senate seat in District 7 on 6/9/09. Please pick the candidate you would like to see elected and help their campaign before the vote. There is much we can do.

We are still working on getting an interactive website running that will serve this Huntsville Tea Party Movement. It will be a place for hundreds to go to share information, activist opportunities, and political news, etc. It will also be a place full of resources and tips for us to use. Will let you know when it is up and running. To get involved in nationwide Tea Party interaction, there are two great websites that I recommend: http://www.teapartypatriots.org and http://www.nationwideteapartycoalition.com

Also, please don’t forget about the interactive facebook group we have already for The Huntsville Tea Party Movement, here


One Response to “July 4th Tea Party at Jaycee Fairgrounds”

  1. John Mills Says:

    July 4th Protest: Need to include a specific address for the Fairgrounds. I’m new to the area (as are many others) and do not know where the fairgrounds are.

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