The Beginning of a Movement!


The Huntsville Tax Day Tea Party was a great success!!  We had approximately 3,000 people show up, we had 6 speakers total:  Christie Carden (the organizer), Dale Jackson (morning radio host for WVNN), Mo Brooks (Madison County Commission for District 5), Paul Sanford (in the Republican primary run off for State Senate seat in District 7), Sam Givhan (also in the Republican primary run off for State Senate in District 7), and Chuck Bailey (with  We also had voter registration, a petition, a table for gathering contact information for future events, and a table for Fair Tax.

This movement is just now beginning!  The Tea Parties are just a rally call and a way to make our voices known.  Stay tuned into this website for updates on future activist opportunities and future Tea Parties.  We mean to carry out our goals: pick politicians we need to replace, put politicians in office who will fight for and preserve our Constitution, and hold elected officials accountable to limited govt, fiscal responsibility, and the free market.  Please join our new facebook group “Huntsville Tea Party Movement” if you are able!!  Hundreds of us are already there.  There is a discussion board, and it is a great way for us to plan and collaborate on all of these things…


One Response to “The Beginning of a Movement!”

  1. Jennie Says:

    Congratulations to those who quickly pulled this TEA Party together. The communication thru Facebook was wonderful as this effort came together for great success.

    It was energizing to note that there are others in our community equally as tired of the irresponsible behaviors of our elected leaders, who seem to be going the opposite direction of our constitution. The alarm clock is definitely going off, it’s time for us to stop hitting the snooze button and wake up for change we can live with.

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