Video from Trussville Group: Thanks Justin Holcomb!


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46 Responses to “Video from Trussville Group: Thanks Justin Holcomb!”

  1. MAC Says:

    You are having a Tea Party against taxes and you have a speaker from Fair Tax organisation? That makes a lot of sense. More like the pot calling the kettle black.

    You people have been duped on the Fair Tax!

    • huntsvillerealestate Says:

      Maybe you should research the FairTax a little further my friend. Everyone knows the government needs SOME money to operate. The FairTax lets you receive your entire paycheck, cuts the 22% average embedded tax already paid on goods you buy, and replaces it with a 23% sales tax. In effect, you’re paying 1% more, but getting your entire paycheck! You decide what you pay in taxes by deciding what to purchase…

    • cat203 Says:

      umm first of all learn to SPELL!!! Organization has a z take note! Second of all, we all agree we need some taxes but the liberals try to take over half of the rich people’s taxes. Who do you think supplies the jobs?

  2. Christie Says:


    It’s technically not a protest against taxes.

    It is a general protest against the massive spending going on in our government right now, the government’s grabs at the private sector, and the government’s interference in the free market.

    The theme is “Repeal the Pork; Cut Taxes.” It is a fact that cutting taxes during a recession has worked in the past, yet it seems like Congress is unwilling at this time to pursue that option again. The rally is also about solutions and reform on many levels, which is where Fair Tax comes in.

  3. John From Madison Says:

    If the Huntsville Teaparty follows the theme from the Decatur one held back on March 18th, it should cover taxes. overspending, and then the violations to the US Constitution (USCT) that occured when the industry bailouts began including TARP. Obama has shredded / depleted the treasure of the the people — he has violated his Oath to Constitution and shredded it even more. Granted he is not alone in DC when it comes to those denying the viability of the Constitution — hell the Supreme Court LEFT wants to look to FOREIGN law for guidance instead of enforcing the USCT. Our only fight against America’s politicians from becoming Tyrannical ON BOTH SIDES is to shove the USCT down their throats as often as we can…. “WE THE PEOPLE” ….. and “We The People” start tomorrow.

  4. John From Madison Says:

    Former Huntsville resident and Alabama A&M president Dr. Keyes should be watched just before we go tomorrow. Lets get everyone in the proper frame of mind. The politicans wont stop Obama too many RINOs and job fearing careerists — looks like our fight is “We the People and the US Constitution” .vs. “The Audacity of HOPE (& LIES)”. Again that is

    to see Alan Keyes perspective on life in America today. A Must See for anyone on the right.

  5. J. Scudder Says:

    It’s now May 26, and if Mr. Alan Keyes would lead us into a stronger group, I will donate my time, my support, and my heart to his leadership. The hour is now… or never. Someone, somewhere, with political clout, please contact Mr. Keyes and ask him to gather us together so we CAN make a difference while we have a shred of hope left of doing so. I love America, the land of the free and the brave… until… we keep delaying our responses to Obama, who will change our lives more than any nightmare we could have ever brought to our minds. America is worth fighting for, so reach out and keep seeking leaders to get us organized and fired up for the sake of our liberty.

  6. Carol Says:

    WOW!! Thanks for an outstanding video. I play it over and over.

  7. Deborah Ripoli Says:

    This video was forwarded to me in email. I have played it over and over again. I have sent it to others and my son put it on facebook. Watching this video makes one want to get up and do something! I hope more people will see this video and stop living a life of complacency and complaining and stand up to what is rightfully ours and that is our freedom and no more government control! Thanks so much Justin, you are amazing!

  8. Jodi Says:

    I have sent Justin’s video to many and I have watched it several times. He obviously has great talent and “gets” the majority of the American people. Huntsville should be proud to have such an insightful young citizen.

    From the Sarpy 912 Patriots (Nebraska) to the Huntsville Tea Party Movement – keep up the great work and best of luck to you.

    To Justin: You’re an awesome young man – your Mother must be so proud!


    July 17th, 2009

    Dear Justin –







  10. Phill C Says:

    thanks Justin, i have a couple of questions about the video. what was the name of the music? who was the young man with all the medals and who was the man after the young man pic? was it Mac Arthur

    • Crymson Says:

      Hello Phill,

      I saw your post regarding the Justin Holcomb “Tea Party Tax” video. The young man with all the medals was Audie Murphy … the most decorated soldier ever. He later became an actor and starred in a movie about his military achievements called “To Hell and Back.” The man in the photo after that was Dwight D. Eisenhower, in the field with his troops in the European theater. I’m sorry, I don’t know the name of the music piece.

    • Julie D. Says:

      Thank you so much Justin for this amazing video. I have played it over and over and sent it to a number of people. I wish all Americans felt the depth of love for their country as you do and understood what it has taken to keep us the free, God fearing country that we once were. I can only pray that God will continue to bless this country despite what some are doing to undermine everything America has stood for all these years. P.S. Is there anyway I can find out what the music is that you used for the video? It could not have been a more perfect piece for your work.

    • Mary Beerman Says:

      The young man with all the medals is Audie Murphy, said to be the most highly-decorated soldier from WW2. After serving in the military, he turned to acting and can be seen in many westerns. Look him up!

      I do not believe the older gentleman after him is MacArthur.

      I would also like to know the music used in this video. Did you ever find out what it is?

    • j brighenti Says:

      man with medals=Audie Murphy

    • Rich Says:


      In response to your question, in the event that nobody has responded to you yet, the young man with all the medals is Audie Murphy (WWII hero who became an actor) and the man after him is Major Dick Winters (who was the main character in the book/mini-series “Band of Brothers”).

    • Mickie Marti Says:

      Hi Justin
      Absolutely amazine – wonderful video – the music is out of this
      world – can you tell me who plays the music?
      It is great to see young people being true patriots to the USA.
      God bless our troops and all those who support and pray for them.

    • R Sudbury Says:

      The soldier with all the medals is Audie Murphy. I would also like to know what the music was in his video!

  11. Rich & Catherine McMillan Says:

    Fabulous….. all we could say was WOW. Justin that video is an excellent reminder to all of us as to where we came from as a Country, founded under God, freedom fought for by our loved ones (patriots) and that we never have taken threats and/or oppression from any entity and we shouldn’t now – even when it’s coming from our own Country borders. Thank you for taking the “hour” as your mom said, to create such a masterpiece – and thank your ‘Mom’ for sharing her son’s talent and message. Absolutely wonderful. You are a very talented person and you should persue a career in media….

  12. John Popp Says:

    This came to me as an EMail forward. Here is my note as I passed it on, and beneath it the note accompanying its arrival in my inbox.

    Wow. I’m awash with pride, and steeled by resolve. No more, indeed. We should all invite our neighbors – all of them – to our homes to watch this. This is the song and tradition that should sound forever in every American’s heart. Thank you, Justin – it’s a comfort to know that there are teens out there who “get it.”

    This resulted from a Mom in Alabama asking her high school son to help with a commercial for the Tea Party she was involved in organizing.

    Boy, does it slam the message home. Very impressive. Here is her note:

    “I asked Justin if he could help me make a commercial for my group’s Tea Party. He sat down at the laptop for about an hour, and then brought this to me and asked, ‘is this okay, Mom?’

    After I finished watching it, my stomach was in my throat.

    Everyone that I have sent it to has really enjoyed it, so I
    wanted my friends to see it. I am so proud!”

    A very powerful video…turn up the sound & sit back….!!!

  13. Deborah Says:

    Somehow Justin needs to be informed of the History Channel sponsoring a contest on basically the same type of video he just did. He needs to submit his video. There is quite a large cash reward. But it is the meaning relayed that is the most important issue. Here is the link:

    If anyone can get in touch with him, he needs to see this. Thanks!

  14. Deborah Says:

    Phil: Audie Murphy/actor was the most decorated soldier – what happen to history in school? I believe the other picture is Patton

  15. Ed Says:

    Phill C asked: “who was the young man with all the medals and who was the man after the young man pic? was it Mac Arthur?”
    The young man is Audie Murphy. Info at You should read or see “To Hell and Back.”
    I don’t recognize the next photo, but it does not look like MacArthur.

  16. Phyllis Says:

    Thanks you Justin. This is an outstanding video. You certainly understand what it is to be an American. Your parents can be proud of helping to instill that in you. You are intelligent and talented. Thank you again.

  17. Norm Says:

    Phil, Deborah is right about the picture being Audie Murphy. He was said to be the most decorated soldier of WW II. His medals included the Medal of Honor, the U.S.’s highest military award. After the war he wrote a book,”To Hell and Back” and when a movie was made based on the book he stared in it which began his movie career. Ironically he was killed in a plane crash. The other portrait is “Old Blood and Guts” Gen. George Patton. Also there is one of “Ike visiting with some of his troops just before D-day 6/6/44.
    Sorry I can’t help you with the music although it is familiar I can’t put a title with it.

  18. James P. Harvey Says:

    I commend Justin Holcomb on his Tea Party Commercial; it is truly inspiring to
    witness such talent in a young man. It is with all of my heart that I hope
    he will also acquire the ability to merge such awesome audio-visual
    emotional manipulation with intellectual ammunition, as emotion without
    knowledge is the junk food that under nourishes action.
    Emotional manipulation has been successfully destroying the intellectual
    development of America from the very beginning, and is now a real pandemic,
    that has nothing to do with intelligence. America has many intelligent
    citizens! It is the focus of their intelligence that negates the time
    consuming commitment to study and learn how our Nation has been beguiled
    from its very beginning. The knowledge acquired from such commitment is the
    consuming rage needed to convert emotion into action, and if it is not
    accomplished soon, freedom will be lost! The research and writing skills needed
    to stimulate and educate the non reading, entertainment pursuing, self
    concerned, cognitive dissonant average citizen is an awesome talent indeed,
    and I pray to the one and only Lord God Almighty, that Justin has, or acquires it.

  19. Anna Says:

    I’ve not been so moved by anything in a long time. This needs to run on national TV. Send it to Fox – WOW.

    This young man GETS what being an American is all about.
    Good job!

  20. william Says:

    Without a doubt very well done moving piece. The music track selection was the key. It sounded hauntingly familiar but I can’t place it. Maybe from a movie sound track. Photo selection and transition were well timed. My only issue is that at the end of such a strong message on patriotism and resolve of the American people and our government’s leaders, this emotional crescendo was focused at a so called Tea Party. What does patriotism have to do with the Tea Bagger’s agenda? These are a very small group of extremists, some of whom literally advocate bringing down the government. How is that patriotic?

    These people sat silently by while a surplus was piddled away on tax cuts and at the same time uncontrolled spending ran up the monstrous debt they now complain of. This happened before we had a black man sitting in the Oval Office of the White House as our President. I express that visual because the mental image it creates is exactly what infuriates the vast majority of these Baggers. I know that as some read this, that images makes the hair stand up on the back of their necks. Unfortunately, the emotion they are feeling is not patriotism.

    We all know the Tea Parties are history now and they were at best a total flop. There was no common message and turn out was abysmal. Remember all the obscure right wing issues on the protester’s signs? Remember the comments of those asked why they were there? Far and away the vast majority of Americans were smart enough to know that there was no logical way to blame the huge deficits and economic disaster that awaited him when Barack Obama walked into the Oval office for the first time as President of the United States of America. (more intentional visualization, how’s the hair on your neck doing?)

    Justin, you did a very artful job and you obviously have talent. Art and music are very much about inspiring an emotional response. You achieved this successfully. With that talent comes some responsibility. You helped your mom which is great. I don’t know if you understand the politics, but suspect you do because it was so well targeted. Either way, as you go through life, use your unique talents with moral accountability. You have appropriate talent that could make you the next Karl Rove. But I hope that’s not what you want to become. Remember what GWB’s nickname was for him? If not, look it up. Good motivators make great propagandists. Don’t cross that line.

  21. Bob and Billie HOLCOMB Says:

    The video is wonderful. I am sending it on to friends on our e-mail list. (Of course since we have the same last name they will think you are related to us.) Thanks Justin and your mom. We hope the Tea Party
    went well.

  22. William VanEe Says:

    Absolutely perfect. Tx

  23. Carol Schnipper Says:

    Justin, what an amazing video for the TEA Party! Any chance you’d do a version for our cause here in Ohio? Feel free to email back to us.
    Best regards,
    A political Action Committee

  24. Brian Says:

    I simply want to thank the young man, Justin, that produced the video. As a history and political science instructor in Mississippi I am impressed with the knowledge of which images to include. I will be directing many students to see the video and contemplate the future of our nation.

  25. Tim Says:

    PLEASE… of music?

  26. Sandie Says:


  27. Jeff Says:

    Music: Lux Aeterna by Clint Mansell

    The following should tell you all you need to know. This version is the ‘Requiem for a Tower’ one.

  28. Jeff Says:


  29. Dave Says:

    Justin — terrific video…great substance behind it as well. What’s the name of the song used as backup?

    Keep up the great work!


  30. Sean Says:

    Hey, this video was absolutely fantastic. Very powerful! I’m wondering, what is the piece of music that was played during it? It’s perfect for the video, and I’d like to find it online. Thanks!

  31. joan coffey Says:

    You are awesome. This is one of the most (I cannot even put in words) unbelievable videos ever.
    Back in my day, I protested the Vietnam war. Before conputers, we all who thought the war was worthless, felt as if we were alone. We were just a hand full of people, we thought.
    You, my friend are something else. Wish we had you back in the day.
    You are going to go far,
    Joan Coffey Nebraska

  32. Don K Spens Says:

    That I should receive this from you on this date, my 76th birthday, makes it the greatest birthday present that I have ever received !!!!
    I managed to save the .wmf file. I have already watched it . . . . no, that is not powerful enough . . . . I have LIVED it . . at least 6 times within the past hour. I cannot say that I have seen it that many times because I cannot get into it more than about 30 seconds before I am totally blinded by tears.
    It has been many decades since I feared that my heart would burst from my breast . . . swollen with the pride of being an American . . . being a member of the most benevolent military in the history of the world . . . of reliving the pride that we Americans all felt during the struggle that the world remembers as World War II.
    I remember the agony in my own family when a cousin was missing for 3 years . . . having been on Bataan and was on the Bataan Death March . . . . I remember a brother-in-law who was a B-17 Pilot with the 8th Air Force . . . . I remember meatless Tuesdays and Thursdays . . . and the poor Catholics who then had to follow this with their meatless Fridays !!! I remember that the little meat that we did get was usually only good for stewing, so I remember the rutabagas that my mother put in her stew (I HATED rutabaga, and to this day I have not permitted an iota of rutabaga to pass my lips!) . . . . I remember shoe stamps . . . 2 pairs of shoes per year . . . and those shoes being more cardboard than leather, which was in short supply since was needed for the war effort. I remember having to go barefoot all summer, just so we would have those shoes for school in the winter. Barefoot was no treat for me, since I was a big city kid (Detroit) and the asphalt would get so hot that it would blister your feet to walk on it. (It also got so hot that we would dig it out of the joints in the streets and we would chew it as though it were chewing gum.) I remember Paper Drives, Book Drives, Scrap Metal Drives . . . we even collected string . . each trying to come up with the largest ball . . . . I remember peeling the foil off of gum wrappers and cigarette packs, again competing for the biggest ball . . . . I remember the loss the nation felt when we lost the 5 Sullivan brothers . . . . I remember flags bearing blue stars hanging in windows, proudly proclaiming a member of that family was in the military and defending the American way of life . . a separate star for each member serving . . . . and I remember the hushed reverence when passing a house with such a flag when the star was GOLD, rather than BLUE.
    I remember the fear that the war would end before I turned 17 and could take MY turn at defending my country!

  33. Don K Spens Says:

    An afterthought to Phil and Deborah:

    Audie Murphy is correct. The most decorated soldier of the war.
    The next photo is unidentified, but it is NOT Mac Arthur, nor Patton. (Patton is shown a few photos earlier, the 3 star General) The man in the photo is wearing the patch of the 101st Airborne Division. Neither Mac Arthur nor Patton were affiliated with the 101st.

    (To me this man looks a lot like Donald Rumsfeld !)

  34. John Weinberg Says:

    I would like to hire Justin Holcomb, the Trusville Group to do a video / video book trailer for a book, “Eighteen Insights That Help Define Barack Obama in the 2008 Presidential Campaign.” Their previous work was great. Thanks.

  35. Roy T Says:

    Great video.

  36. Van Says:

    What is the music used in this video?

  37. Says:

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